The Saber-Tooth Curriculum by J.Abner Peddiwell

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

Book Title: The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

ISBN: 0070491518

Author: J.Abner Peddiwell

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J.Abner Peddiwell with The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

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In this little book a fictitious authority on stone-age education presents a series of lectures satirizing educators and education. Professor Peddiwell reports that the three fundamentals taught to youngsters in the paleolithic curriculum were (1) fish-grabbing-with-the-bare-hands, (2) horse-clubbing, and (3) saber-tooth-tiger-scaring-with-fire. When fish became too agile to catch with the bare hands and horses and tigers disappeared, schools nevertheless went on teaching the old fundamentals for their cultural value. The eventual revolt of the progressive educators against traditional curriculum is described in one of the most entertaining passages in this amusing satire.